Gal Lena Bindala | Sinhabahu

Gal Lena Bindala | Sinhabahu

Sinhabahu is a legendary king of ancient India, mentioned in Sri Lankan texts. He was father of Vijaya of Sri Lanka and king of Sinhapura. He was the son of Supadevi, a Vanga Kingdom princess. According to the Mahavamsa's folklore, Sinhabahu's father was a lion and his mother a princess of Vanga. 

Sinhabahu stagedrama was produced by Prof.Ediriweera Sarathchandra and it was successful for many year and it's showing nowadays too. The famous 'gal lena bindala' song also included inthis drama. There's a lesson in sinhala sahithya sangraha O/L based on this drama. You can see a scene from that drama from the above video...

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